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The value of peace of mind

Finbow, which has two versions—Finbow for Business and Finbow Lite—is a financial-actuarial planner created using a methodology based on criteria of objectivity and uniformity to ensure financial independence, protecting people from the risk of outliving their economic resources. The goal is to provide clients with solutions so they can find economic well-being and tranquility at every stage of life.

Finbow for Business is aimed at professionals in the finance and insurance sectors. It helps them to accompany and advise their clients, creating simple, informative plans for different scenarios, integrating a combination of financing and insurance solutions.

Finbow Lite is an individual financial planner that gives the user an overview of their economic situation, as well as medium- and long-term solutions so they are prepared for every stage of their life.

Fully adjustable suitable test

It allows users to profile each client and propose the most adequate solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Open architecture of products

It allows users to formulate the perfect financial/insurance solution, developing a portfolio that is suitable for the client’s profile and timeframe.


Designed so that the client has a short-, medium-, and long-term view of their income and expenses, as well as tailored financial recommendations.

Control panel

It gives users a global view of the use of the tool by the commercial network, as well as decision-making advice to maximize its productivity.

Finbow offers a dynamic, three-step financing plan to suit each user’s current financial situations using objective information, to detect the main risks that could affect the user’s household economy and to identify the right solutions according to the user’s preferences in terms of security and planning.

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