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The smartest way to immersive experiences

By design, NAKA is an enterprise-friendly virtual platform that combines a variety of immersive custom training scenarios, collaborative environments, showrooms and business-specific processes.

Compatible across a variety of platforms from Windows OS to the latest VR and AR headsets, NAKA offers scalability, security, and flexibility.

NAKA realities combined

Boost Collaboration

NAKA’s spaces help to provide a sense of real presence and a dynamic environment for the meeting. Meetings can be held in one of many existing spaces provided by NAKA or you can build your own specific to your needs.

Make it real

Virtualize a training or shared learning environment while offering “real world” hands-on experiences plus all the benefits of real learning experiences through customized gamification, grading, certification, etc with integration to your own LMS.

Play it safe

Many large-scale industries require employees to be trained in high-risk situations or alongside expensive assets that may not be readily available or built or supplied for immediate training needs. NAKA allows you to simulate the same environment virtually, safely, and cheaply.

Help when needed

On-site engineers, technicians, and mechanics may not have the necessary technical know-how in how to repair or maintain a particular machine. Remote Assist saves the need for a specialist to travel to the repair site and instead allows the on-site person to work guided and aided via AR-aided guidance.

Value proposition

The purpose of NAKA is to help top level organizations provide large-scale engaging immersive experiences either to their customers or to their employees by providing an enterprise-level extended reality platform. NAKA can offer solutions that are 100% reusable, and which offer up to 300% ROI over 3 years.

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