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A social digital workplace designed to boost your digital employee experience while releasing the full power of Microsoft 365 platform.

TŌGŌ is not only a tool, is a way to change the way you work. Stay updated about what’s new in your company, check the last sales report or share your new initiative with your teammates.


Define your audience or let your users subscribe to be sure they don’t miss anything. Like, comment, share, or give personal feedback to improve contents quality.


Do you love Teams? We do. With TŌGŌ you can break TEAMS silos and share Information across the company. Don’t miss anything! Stay updated about what’s happening in your teams.


Let your users subscribe to topics, peope or contents to stay updated about what’s important for them. Check your teammates profile and find the contents you have been working on this week.


Create content quickly in just two clicks with our new TŌGŌ action bar. Your content will be automatically promoted and distributed based on its properties: Category, Country or knowledge area, …

Value proposition

Designed to improve Employee Experience, everis TŌGŌ is fully Compliant with Microsoft 365 Platform, enabling to release the full potential of the platform while increasing the adoption. Our Fast Track methodology enables a quick deployment and change management to transform the way you work.

The potential of coming together

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