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everis is a Microsoft Gold Partner, with whom NTT has signed an Strategic Alliance Agreement globally. In this agreement it is specifically mentioned both companies co-sell one of the 18th certified assets: knowler. Other relevant assets are TŌGŌ, eva and ehCOS.

The strategic agreement between helps us guide our clients through their digital transformation, thereby transforming their business processes by adapting our own products and services and transferring them to the cloud in Azure.

everis has strong capabilities in Microsoft cloud (Microsoft 365, Azure, Dynamics, Power Platform…) has to offer. everis is as well advisor in some key innovative workloads such Blockchain.

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Our products

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Amazon Web Services

everis is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and holds the Managed Service Provider (MSP) Competency.

With a solid partnership with AWS since 2010, everis has the capability to provide an End2End value proposition to customers: assessment for the Journey to the Cloud, migration of applications and operation and management of the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Beyond the IaaS services, we also are skilled in PaaS services in the areas of Data Anallitycs, IA/ML, Containerization, etc.​

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everis is a Google Cloud Global Partner and in the process to be recognized as a Premier Partner.

everis has the capabilities to provide an End2End value proposition to customers: assessment for the Journey to the Cloud, migration of applications and operation and management of the Google cloud infrastructure.

We have focus and developed skills on Google Cloud Platform mainly in the areas of  Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Assistants and cloud migrations with hybrid architectures (Anthos).

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As part of the NTT DATA Group, everis is one of the world’s top 10 Salesforce Partners, with the Platinum level.

This represents a powerful, wide range of capabilities, which enables us to support our clients from all sectors in their digital transformation, anywhere. everis collaborates with Salesforce to help clients with their transformation on various axes.

To do so they, firstly from a CERM perspective, leverage the power that Salesforce clouds offer in the fields of sales, customer services, marketing, etc. Secondly, they use Salesforce as a development platform for customer-centric applications.

Our products

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everis is a global Oracle partner. As an officially-recognised and certified strategic partner, we can offer a wide range of solutions to companies on a global scale.

everis, in partnership with Oracle, approaches the transformation process from different perspectives. On one hand, from an infrastructure perspective supported by pillars such as IT simplification and Oracle Cloud adoption.

On the other hand, from a process point of view with end-to-end solutions built on Cloud services for  ERP, EPM, HCM, SCM and Field Service.


In 2015 everis signed a global partnership agreement with Adobe in the digital area.

As an Adobe Business Partner, everis has broaden its number of resources and gained capabilities to implement services.

In addition, everis has strengthened the development of digital solutions with a differential value for customers. everis has been recently recognized by Adobe in the Southern Europe region with the award of Digital Experience Solution Partner of the year 2020.

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Red Hat

everis is a Red Hat partner in a Premier Business level.

Both companies collaborate to develop joint solutions based on the common understanding of the challenges of customers in their digital transformation agenda and the innovation powered by open source solutions.

The partnership aims to create joint work teams to create assets and services based on the adoption of new technologies: solutions packaging (new assets developed), business reinvention (application modernization, service integration and continuous innovation​) and operational excellence (reference architectures and DevOps best practices).

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everis signed a partnership with SAP which certified us as a SAP Service Partner and a SAP Gold Channel Partner since 1997.

In addition, thanks to be a part of NTT DATA, everis is a SAP Global Partner, a category which recognises our company as an expert in the execution of projects and services with the best quality.

everis has also almost thirty SAP Recognized Expertise recognitions about its capabilities in solutions and industries. everis has developed some assets using SAP technology which help our customers in their digital transformation.

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